The reader wrote…

I love reading. Not because it makes me look cool. Not because I have a hard time bonding with actual people, certainly not because I’m alone. I love reading, because it takes me to places that I can never go. It takes me to a place that is unimaginable and perfect. It takes me to […]

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Holidays are the time when you realise you have a life. The time when you actaully talk to your mother, discuss business with dad. The time when you finally finish that book. When your favorite TV show starts to seem boring. When you realise you have more than 3 pairs of clothes. When you know […]

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Sway, keep swaying in your own mental hallucinations. You are never enough. Even if you are full of qualities, there will always be someone who sees the flaw. Even if you have what it takes to be successful, there will always be someone to call you worthless. You got the power to take risks, but […]

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“Volumed Woes”

Monday, 7:30 A.M It was a busy Monday morning when my mother had to wake me up by yelling yet another time. Her yells and the fear of not having studied anything for that day’s practical exams partnered to wake me.  It was early May of 2015, and I had my second semester going on. […]

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“Stable mental configuration”

“The man who has no inner life, is a slave to his surroundings”. The above sentence, rightly quoted by Henri Frederic, is very simple but thoughtful. It provokes one’s mind to think on it, to look into themselves, to think what is inner self? To think are we free from external implications, Or are we […]

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Tiring business, chafing all weary dust out, Escaping from reality, Alan opened his Cocaine tux to take a break. Stupid office, monotony racing its nerves out. Photocopying his illusion out.. Alan opened his cocaine tux to trash the sad garbage out. Codes codes codes. After that, even more codes. Save, Copy, Paste: the schedule 9 […]


“The Narcissistic Pizza”

The concept of Narcissism is simple. You go to a restaurant, order a pizza. You love your pizza, and you think its the best on the menu. For you, others on the menu are shit. You are extremely contented with your one and you dont give a jack about which pizzas other people love. Others […]

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