The reader wrote…

I love reading.

Not because it makes me look cool. Not because I have a hard time bonding with actual people, certainly not because I’m alone.

I love reading, because it takes me to places that I can never go. It takes me to a place that is unimaginable and perfect. It takes me to the place where people are not real, but emotions are (Contrary to the real world).

Here, I can make friends that I can’t meet but feel. I can learn new things without have to worry about giving tests. Where I can fall in love and not have a heartbreak. Where I can hate someone freely. I can feel sad, cry whenever I want to, without being judged.

Where my smiles are caused by exclamation marks. My tears flow with full stops.I can go on an adventure without actually taking a step away from my desk. My adrenaline boost varies with the page-breaks, commas, punctuation marks and the syllables used by the author. 

I can live a life worth ten years in a week, and that of 2 days in a month. Because here, time is just a numeral. I can be a detective, a hunter, a thief, a cop, a professor, a student. Because depending on what I’m reading, it changes; I’ll start thinking like the protagonist. Here, the society does not decide good and bad. I do. I am not a Hindu, or a Muslim, or a Christian or even an Atheist. Here, I am a follower of the ultimate religion: HUMANITY.

Wher my nationality does not matter. I am a citizen of the earth. Oh no, sometimes even the earth is tiny. I am a creature of the vast universe. I am a tiny entity in the grand scheme, sure. But I am a huge persona that matters to it.

Guns, knives, catapults, canon balls, swords can be defeated by a single magic wand. Where justice creates its own path. Where the righteous is always the winner.

Reality is an illusion at this beautiful place. Imagination is in the driving seat, limits have been forced to take the back-seat.

Births can be sad and deaths can be good. Reading taught me everything is about perspectives. It enhanced the vision of my brain. It made my mind-my eyes. It has given me so much that I can barely remember it all.

I love reading because it takes me to places I will never go, meet people that don’t exist, live the life I want to. It is my escape from the shackles of reality and misery.

I love reading, because READING IS  FREEDOM.

-Every reader.


Holidays are the time when you realise you have a life.

The time when you actaully talk to your mother, discuss business with dad.

The time when you finally finish that book.

When your favorite TV show starts to seem boring.

When you realise you have more than 3 pairs of clothes.

When you know your cousins are awesome.

When you sleep for 14 hours straight and wonder what day is it.

When you take an hour long shower.

When you fall in love with your phone.

When your dump time depends on your phone battery.

When you find things to keep yourself busy, and end up getting bored by them anyway.

The time when nothing is ever enough and even the most interesting things seem boring.

Holidays are the time you realise your life’s worth but you’re too bored to spend it wisely.




Sway, keep swaying in your own mental hallucinations.

You are never enough.

Even if you are full of qualities, there will always be someone who sees the flaw.

Even if you have what it takes to be successful, there will always be someone to call you worthless.

You got the power to take risks, but there will be always be someone to call you a coward.

You’re famous, but there will always be mudslingers to call you attention seeker.

You excel at one, they’ll belittle you at the other.

Even if you are working hard for your goals, they will blame you for being a show-off.

You know you are not perfect,
But at least you are trying.

The moon has got dark spots.
The rose also has got thorns.
It does not mean they’re not beautiful.

Instead of trying to please everyone, remain contented in your imperfections..

Life is beautiful and you are great.

Its okay to be imperfect,
But it certainly is not okay to be a whiner.

Seriously, if you want perfect- go buy an I-phone😂

Screw it.
Because you are never enough, however hard you try.

Be yourself, don’t try to fit in 🙂